The beginning

What started in 2016 with an reservation for an Escaperoom in Amsterdam for father’s day, has resulted in a real Escape room love for both brothers. We (Dominic and Patrick, two brothers) felt that the experience, games and experience could be better than what we had played on that specific day. After this experience we were immediately in love with the escape room concept, to escape from a room with hidden puzzles and hints within a certain time. At the same same day we started to brainstorm and think about how we could do it differently than the specific Escape room and the ones that followed later. From one thing came the other and soon we started together our first company “Escapium” at the Chamber of Commerce. A big step for both.

Our goal

With Escapium we want to create a complete experience that will take you to the last minute. Thanks to the combination of electronics, videos and special effects, we take it a step further. Everything what you see at Escapium we’ve created and built together with friends and family and with much love and passion. Everything to ensure that you will never forget our Escape room!

A strong team

Because Dominic focuses on the technique of the rooms and is very good at creating stuff, up to all online presence that Patrick takes care of, the two are a strong team. How amazing is it to have both a love for Escape rooms, to realize this together with the goal to create an immerse experience for players?

The founders

Dominic (big brother on the right)
Dominic is the father of his beloved daughter, electrician and, besides his full-time job, has taken Escapium as his great passion. Escapium is his first venture! He is very strong in technique and eletronica, which you will definitely notice when you visit Escapium! Everywhere you will find something that is controlled by small computers. This makes Escapium very unique and is worth a visit.

Patrick (little brother on the left)
Patrick has graduated for almost four years and loves doing business. In addition to Escapium in the evenings and weekends, he has another company that supplies online software to companies. Everything that happens online is taking Patrick care off: from the Escapium logo & the web design to the (search engine) marketing to generate bookings, Patrick has much online experience.