Frequently asked questions

In which languages ​​can the experiences be played?

Our two escape rooms and the shooting experience are both provided with the English language. The rooms are still fine to play without being able to read English well.

How can I make a reservation or where can I book?

You can book directly and check availability on the page of Abandoned, The Dam or Blast.

Where can I check availability?

You can view the agendas of our experiences at the same time on escapium.nl/availability.

How much do the escape rooms or shooting experience cost?

Escape room The Dam costs 115 euros Monday to Thursday, 125 euros Friday to Sunday.
Escape room Abandoned costs 135 euros from Monday to Thursday and 145 euros from Friday to Sunday.
Shooting experience Blast costs 100 euros Monday to Sunday.

Are your activities also wheelchair accessible?

The Dam is wheelchair accessible. Please indicate this during your visit on location, so that the host takes this into account.
In addition, there are seating options in the escape rooms and the shooting experience. This way you can sit alternately if you have difficulty walking.

Can I play the room if I or someone in my group is pregnant?

Keep in mind that it is best for you to estimate whether an escape room is possible. The escape rooms and shooting experience can of course be booked. There is no need for crazy antics, so participation is possible. There is also seating available in every experience.

Book an escape room for up to 10 people

It is possible to enter the room The Dam with a group size of up to 10 people, but our advice is up to 6 people. Our advice is to divide a larger group into two smaller groups. Optionally, our rooms and shooting experience can be booked at the same time.

Escape room 11 persons or more books

We offer the possibility to reserve several rooms at the same time. You can also book our Blast shooting experience to book a fun activity with your group size.